Elder Allen has always gone back and forth on his sexuality. Through his whole childhood, he was scared of the possibility that he maybe interested in boys. Even when he met his first gay friend, he didn’t reveal that he too may have hidden feelings to share. He resolved that no one should know, and he made sure that this was the case until he finally left his hometown to start his mission. Here, he hoped to leave these feelings of confusion behind and find some greater purpose through spiritual learning.

However, it soon becomes clear that Elder Allen’s feelings are not going to simply disappear because of a change in geography. In fact, he may have just found himself in the most confusing place he could possibly be. With so many attractive missionary boys and powerful priests surrounding him, his senses have never been so overloaded with masculine sexual energy. More than ever, he feels the blood rush to the tip of his penis as he makes his way through the halls of the mission. He wonders if he has a problem, and as he prepares for his Evaluation with Patriarch Smith, he can’t help but fear the worst. He is sure that if Smith sees through to his lustful heart, he will be dismissed from the mission immediately.

To his surprise, Smith does nothing of the sort. Instead, he makes the boy strip and climb on a bed, examining his uncut cock with diligence and desirous attention. Allen is unsure how to feel about it, but he has no choice but to follow along with Smith’s orders. He takes the opportunity to explore his desires while under the command of a stern authority figure, and as he jerks his cock for the man to watch, he feels freedom he has never experienced before.