Penn has been a special case for the Black Godz. He has had a long past of subversiveness. When he was in high school, he got wrapped up in a crowd that was heavy into partying. The boy started going out late and missing school and soon found himself in deep academic trouble. Instead of trying to work his way back, he decided to stop going altogether, leaving his future in peril. Of course, his parents weren’t happy about this turn of events, but there was little they could do to alter the boy’s course. As soon as he dropped out, he moved out of their house and went to stay at his friend’s home on the opposite end of town. There, he began selling drugs, making enough money to get by on his own while his peers were finishing up senior year of high school. For a while, things were fine. Penn still got to see them all the time because he was their drug hookup. He enjoyed being their go-to-guy. He was always in demand – invited to every party, regarded as the cool kid who doesn’t jive well with authority. But after senior year ended, his friends started going off to school. Without his friends to provide context, Penn’s life began to unravel. Unsatisfied with his life as a small-time drug dealer, Penn stopped selling altogether. Instead, he decided to go out on the road and start a life of traveling. He took the money he made from his business, bought a small car, and got on the highway. He made a pact with himself that he wouldn’t stop until he reached the coast. There he’d start a new life. He didn’t have to be Penn anymore, he could be whoever he wanted to be. But things didn’t pan out like he planned. As soon as he got to the big city, his car crapped out on him. He was left with no means of transportation and a rapidly depleting bank account. After a while, he found himself sleeping on the streets just to make it by. That is when the Black Godz discovered him. He was offered a place to stay, food to eat, and clothes to wear. But all his old belongings were stripped from him. While Penn resisted at first, he quickly learned to accept his new life and identity. Today, Liam shows Penn to a big black dildo and teaches him the first steps in his education with the Black Godz. He teaches the boy how to suck cock properly. The boy shoves the dildo down his throat, gagging and drooling on it in the process. Then, he takes a swing at the real thing, sliding Liam’s cock between his lips for a slobbery blowjob. Finally, he bends over and spasms as Liam pummels his virgin asshole from behind. The anal discipline makes his toes curl in pleasure and pain, and it slowly makes him forget his identity. He sighs in relief as he feels his hole stretch on Liam’s dick and sinks into forgetful bliss.