Eric has been looking after Matie ever since the young man came to live amongst the Black Gods. But from the moment they first met on the street, Eric has been able to see through Matie’s hard exterior. There is something broken inside the boy, Eric thinks. And now that he has spent some time with him, he is sure that he is correct. It’s not something that the boy will be open to talking about for a long while, but in the meantime, Eric wants to make sure to be sensitive to his wounds. Eric’s deeply perceptive mind is how he knows that trust will be an issue he will have to work out with Matie over the next few weeks. The boy clearly has a hard time letting his guard down and believing the things that are told to him, no matter how simple they may be. This is a trait of many of the young boys who come to the Black Gods seeking guidance. They have been betrayed in the past, left behind, abandoned, and the scars of that pain show through in the form of trust issues. Matie is no exception to this rule. Again, Eric doesn’t know exactly what has triggered this kind of behavior, but he is not looking to push the boy too hard. He simply wants to make sure the young man has the necessary tools to make his stay at the house a fruitful one. There are many men to please while mingling with the Black Gods, and Matie must prove he has the skill to do it. Eric shows him to a large black dildo and eases it into the boys mouth, making him choke on the long, girthy shaft. It is a familiar feeling for Matie. The boy has been having secret affairs with men for a long time, and he is no stranger to pleasing a man. But as he chokes on the toy, he feigns innocence and inexperience. He does not want anyone to know that he has had sexual contact with men in the past. This would lead to vulnerability, and that is something Matie has never wanted to display. Little does he know, Eric is an expert on reading young men just like him. No matter how hard he tries to hide his carnal desires, Eric can see right through it all. Eric eases Matie into opening up to him, as he whips out his long, thick cock and fucks the boys face. The boy acts surprised, but he has been waiting for his chance to pleasure the caring man for as long as they’ve known each other. He slobbers all over the head of his dick and then crawls on top of him ride his big, beautiful cock. The boy loves Eric’s dick so much, his toes curl as he gets drilled. As he gets his hole stretched out, Matie feels a special bond forming between him and his generous mentor.