It seems Colin’s soccer injury hasn’t gone away. When he brings it back up to his stepuncle, the doctor thinks the boy might need an actual massage therapist. And as luck would have it, Doctor Wolf has a new buddy who is an actual masseur who would love to do some work on the boy.

When Austin Armstrong was taken by his stepdad to see a new doctor, the doc was quick to figure out that Mr Armstrong was fucking his stepson. Things quickly escalated and Mr Armstrong ended up surrendering his boy’s hole to the horny physician. The whole ordeal was a huge turn on for Mr Armstrong. He and the physician stayed in touch and relived the experience over and over. Eventually Dr Wolf promised to return the favor by sharing a boy with Jacob in return.

And then Dr Wolf’s stepbrother asked if his stepson could come spend some time with the doctor. The boy was getting in trouble at school and needed a change of scenery. And his stepbrother mentioned that he had also just popped Colin’s cherry.

Colin’s very lucky to have not only such a hot stepuncle, but someone who’s looking out for him. As much as he was happy to help (and get his big hands on the boy’s tight body), he’s decided that in this case he set up some time for Collin to get some attention from his new friend Mr Armstrong.

The massage starts off pretty above-board, but the guy’s hands seem to keep bumping into Colin crotch. An innocent finger graze here and here is one thing, but the guy can’t keep his hands far from his dick! And when he turns Colin over, he practically works his ass like he’s making pizza dough!

Colin’s loving every moment of it, feeling his body awaken with each touch. By the time the guy’s fingers slip inside his hole, he’s hot, horny, and ready for some stepdaddy dick! And things worked out exactly as Doctor Wolf had planned them!