Since being brought into the house by the Black Gods, Joe has been struggling to leave his past behind. It seems as though wherever he goes, his family trauma follows him. He can’t shake their disapproval, and the feeling that he is somehow a failure. He has never been able to make them proud, and on some level, he has stopped trying. After so much disappointment, Joe has resigned himself to being a loser. He no longer cares how people treat him because he doesn’t care how he treats himself. There is no space for someone like him in a functional society, and he does not expect to be seen or heard by anyone. He only hopes to get by without too much trouble. But the Black Gods have convinced Joe that there is more to him than he thinks. They see potential, some kind of redeeming spark that makes the boy special. Joe is not sure what the spark is or if he feels it himself, but he is willing to try. He wants to believe that he is more than a fuck-up, that he can turn his life around and become a valuable person. Maybe if he follows the Black Gods, he can put his past behind him make an entirely new future for himself. As he looks into Lawrence’s eyes, he hopes to find answers. Before the answers come; however, Joe has some obligations to tend to. He has been housed, clothed, and fed by the Black Gods, and in order to prove that he understands the value of their efforts, he must express his gratitude physically. He meets Lawrence in a bare room, presenting his nude body in humble service. He will do whatever it takes to stay at the house and continue his process of healing and self-discovery. The boy yearns to serve, and Lawrence is pleased. Nevertheless, the man’s scowl sends waves of fear through Joe’s body. He only hopes that he can live up to the expectations of the Black Gods. Lawrence brings the naked boy to a black dildo mounted on a steel board in the middle of the room. He instructs the boy to take the toy down his throat, going as far as he can manage. He will not let Joe off the hook without seeing real effort. Joe feels the toy traveling deeper and deeper into his body and Lawrence’s words echo through his head. “You don’t need to be scared, but you do need to be obedient.” Satisfied, Lawrence slaps Joe’s ass with the toy and loosens his hole for penetration. He takes his thick cock out of his pants and rubs it on Joe’s ass. As Lawrence shoves his huge cock in the young man’s tight butt, Joe feels pleasure wash over him. He can tell that the strong man is enjoying his body, and it nearly brings him to tears. Perhaps this is the spark the Black Gods see in him. This is how he can turn his life around