When Joe was young, he struggled with self-confidence. In school, he struggled to stand his ground and was made fun of incessantly. His teachers tried to help, informing Joe’s parents about the issue and confronting the bullies head on. Unfortunately—Joe’s parents didn’t seem too invested in their child’s well-being…and so, the bullies did not relent. It appeared that the boy was destined to be perpetually hounded by kids who were looking to make his life a living hell. Everywhere he turned there was another act of cruelty to endure. So, when Lawrence discovered him, Joe maneuvered with trepidation at first. Because of his past, he’s had a difficult time trusting people, even when they have given him no reason to question their motivations. From the moment they met, Lawrence has seen something special in the boy. And even though Joe does not understand what makes Lawrence believe in his potential, he has followed the man’s advice thus far. Lawrence is Joe’s mentor, and whatever the strong man tells him to do, he will obey. In addition to providing the impressionable boy with guidance, Lawrence and the Black Gods have given the boy a home, food, and clothing. Joe has been warmly accepted at the house and has enjoyed every benefit of the Black Gods’ mentorship. Nevertheless, he still has not put in the time to look within himself and find that spark that Lawrence sees. He does not believe he is worthy, so he chooses to ignore his internal struggles and focus on the external. It must be his body, he thinks. It must be his looks. It must be something superficial that makes Lawrence care for him. How could it be something inside when he has nothing of value to offer? Lawrence has been patient with Joe because he knows how damaged the young man is. He understands what it means to be bullied – to be othered at such a tender age – and he is sensitive to the boy’s plight. He has given Joe time to heal at the house. But sometimes growth comes in different forms. A mentor must know when to apply patience and when to apply action, and Lawrence senses that if Joe is going to bloom into the man he knows he can be, his issues must be tackled directly. Today, he ties Joe up by the wrists and makes him wait in a dark room, semi-suspended from the ceiling. When he comes in to meet the boy, Joe is eager to find out what he is being punished for. Lawrence tells him that he needs to make an effort to find the potential within himself. If he doesn’t…then all the time that has been invested in the boy will be in vein. Discipline has always been the clearest path to discovering a boy’s inner power, and Lawrence is here to provide it. He spanks the boy forcefully before taking his thick cock out of his pants for the boy to choke on. Then, he plows Joe’s tight hole bareback before shooting a creamy load. Maybe now, after this spiritual and physical offering to the Black Gods, Joe will understand that his body is only one piece of the puzzle.