Elder White’s time in the Seed Chamber leaves him disoriented. After crawling into the room on his hands and knees, he was ravaged by President Oaks and President Nelson, passed back and forth between them like a toy. There had been so much cock in the boy’s mouth and butt that he felt dizzy. But he loved every second of it. He had surrendered completely to the two men, letting them handle him, move him, pick him up, and hold him down. And they had taken turns pounding his hole, which he understood was part of the Covenant. A Covenant is a two-way promise – in return for the boy’s promise to submit to anything The Order demands of him, he is blessed with a full erotic education and the chance to become just like these men who are using his body now. And so he submits happily to these men who are like fathers to him, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. After they have their way with him, the boy’s hole is tired and abused. But one of the blessings promised to men in the Mormon temple is strength in the loins. Because of this Mormon men can recharge unbelievably fast. Although Nelson has just ejaculated all over Elder White, he’s ready to go again immediately. And he doesn’t want to give the boy time to recover. If he’s really going to test the boy’s commitment and his endurance, he has to pound the boy’s hole again right away. So Elder White barely has time to change before he finds himself alone with President Nelson on a couch in the temple. Now that he has made his Covenant with The Order, it’s time for him to be ordained. President Nelson is wearing a white suit that makes him look exceptionally sharp. But as much as the boy wants to take the powerful man’s huge cock, he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to squeeze it in his sore hole. Then again, he doesn’t really have a choice. President Nelson pulls the boy to his feet and starts to undress him. He was just getting warmed up in the Seed Chamber. He’s about to give this Mormon boy the fuck of his life.