From the very beginning, Elder Nelson was trouble. Not only was his body covered in tattoos, but he had also confessed to making porn. Both of which are a sure fire excuse not to allow a young man to serve a Mission for the Church.

Thankfully, after expressing a desire to go on a mission, the young Nelson was granted permission to go because of his family’s connection to the much older Elder Nelson; A member with high ranking status in the hierarchy of the missionary faith. It is not uncommon for such exceptions to be made for the grandchildren of General Authorities.

The “bad boy” image is of course frowned upon by normal Missionary standards, but it was precisely because of this that Elder Nelson had caught the attention of the Videntium Oraculi. They followed his every move the moment he left the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.

Sure enough, not even three months out in the Mission field, Elder Nelson got caught in the janitor’s closet during church, with his pants down. He was getting rimmed by Stepbrother Jones, the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School teacher. This was a vision the Bishop’s wife will probably never forget.

The very next morning Elder Nelson was on an airplane to the Mission home for an evaluation from the Patriarch.