Elder Nelson knows Bishop Angus is watching him. And not just the bishop, he is pretty sure all the brethren spend a lot of time monitoring the video feeds around the mission home. This was especially on his mind during his personal study time. Turns out that sort of attention is giving the young Elder a lot of sexual pleasure.

“I’m not sure why it turns me on, but I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I love the idea of others seeing me, or getting caught doing something sexual. It’s crazy, but I am what I am.”

And now we know why Elder Nelson chose to let the gospel doctrine teacher give him a rim job in the church janitor’s closet.

“It was the possibility of getting caught that got me aroused. The moment the door swung open I immediately climaxed.”

But getting caught has turned out to be a blessing.

Elder Nelson is now in the mission home preparing to receive the higher priesthood. He obviously wants Bishop Angus to give it to him.

After his inspection, Elder Nelson swiped the bishop’s phone. He didn’t intend on keeping it, he just hoped to get some additional alone time with the bishop when he came looking for it.

But the bishop didn’t come to get it right away, and so Elder Nelson spent his personal study time looking through the bishop’s photos and videos.

…videos of Bishop Angus ordaining young men to the priesthood.

As you can imagine, both the idea of getting caught watching these videos and the videos themselves made Elder Nelson’s dress pants tent, and that big thick hardon of his definitely got the attention it wanted.