Before Elder Nelson could go on his Mission he had to repent of everything, including his earlier involvement in porn.

But even with special permission to serve, he still got himself in trouble: he was caught with another man in the church Janitor’s closet.

Somehow, Nelson just always seemed to attract inappropriate behavior to him. But is that a blessing or a curse?

“I’m not complaining,” Elder Nelson said after one of his evaluations. “So far my bad behavior has gotten me more of what got me in trouble in the first place.”

He went on to admit that he was not enjoying his mission anyway.

As the grandson of a General Authority he grew up with high expectations and judgment from others; his mission was no different.

But Elder Nelson seems to be much happier in the mission home. He was pleased to hear his inspection with the brethren went so well.

Now that Elder Nelson knew about the Videntium Oraculi and the true order of the Priesthood, he wondered if his stepfather was also a member.

He couldn’t help but think about whom his stepfather received his priesthood authority from, “Don’t fathers often pass authority on to their sons?” He asked.

The thought was very disturbing. And yet, somehow, oddly arousing.