Several weeks ago when Elder Martinez met with Patriarch Smith things got a little out of control and went a lot further than was anticipated.

They both connected with one another and one thing just lead to another, but you can’t blame the Patriarch for giving in to his desires for the young man.

For when watching Elder Martinez slowly undress for his own personal study time, it is hard not to fantasize about what you yourself would like to do with the Elder.

His piercing dark brown eyes, his smooth tan skin, his well-defined body, and the overwhelming desire to kiss your way down his pleasure trail and into his sacred undergarments.

Elder Martinez himself admitted that while he was pleasuring himself, he kept thinking about his earlier inspection with Bishop Angus, fantasizing about feeling the Bishops hard and thick cock thrusting inside him once again.

“It’s the type of experience you don’t easily forget,” Elder Martinez said when telling me about his fantasizing.

Luckily we had the footage of his inspection and took liberty to put his fantasy together in film.

Watching Martinez cum leaves no doubt he is enjoying the fantasy of his past experience, and will easily make you wish that you too could have a similar experience with the youthful young man.