The doctor’s office is a very intimate space. You’re exposed, vulnerable, and inevitably stripped down. And then, if you’re lucky, you’re fondled all over by an older man. And older man who has total authority over you by both their experience and their skill.

It’s absolute heaven.

This guy sent in this video of him taking his boy in for a physical that was anything but routine. It’s clear he’s been fucking his boy and doesn’t trust him to not spill the beans about it. He makes sure to stay in the room, telling his boy to follow his lead.

The doctor’s no idiot. He quickly sees what’s up with Mr Armstrong and his boy Austin. And amazingly, he seems into it! You can tell by the way he touches the boy’s dick and ass that he’s doing more than just checking for health.

When the doctor confronts Mr Armstrong about the truth of their taboo relationship, he gives the stepdad a choice: let me fuck your stepson or I’ll report you.

What’s a stepdad to do? He gives his stepson’s sweet, tiny body to the handsome doctor. And not only is his handsome, he’s huge! And not just in height!

Watch as the boy struggles to take the doctor’s massive tool in his body. He barely takes half before you can see his face twist up. I swear, it’s hard to tell if it hurts or if it just feels too good! Either way, by the end, the boy is begging to take it all!