While Derek’s family fortune has substantially declined in the years since his early childhood, they still remain firmly within the sphere of the nation’s elite when it comes to wealth and political power. The boy has seen all the finer things in life, but is so habituated that he does not even realize what the “finer things” are. Some may call him spoiled, but so far, he has only been surrounded by young people who also grew up in the lap of luxury. In fact, his environment is so skewed that he has never been able to relate to anyone who is not in the upper, upper class. The boy has been totally sheltered, and as a result has no experience in the real world. So, when Derek finally goes off to college, he is shocked to find himself in classes with people who grew up in financial and social circumstances far below his own. Not only is he in the same vicinity as them, but he is also interacting with them and discovering that often times, they are more capable than him. It is a flabbergasting truth, but one that opens Derek’s eyes like never before. Suddenly, he feels as though his entire life has been an elaborate lie. He wonders what is beyond the walls of the elite university he attends. He wonders what real people are like, people who go to work in coffee shops and restaurants and office buildings and construction sites. He wants to find out how they think, how they speak. So he packs a bag full of clothes and a few things he needs for the road and heads out. He is off to find out what life is really about, without the walls of formal education or extreme wealth confining him. But as Derek makes his way to the big city, he finds that people are much more cunning than he could have anticipated. It is like he has some kind of scent that gives him away as a boy of means. At every turn he is taken advantage of, schemed, duped, and ripped off. He cannot seem to get his footing anywhere. All he needs is one solid guide, one honest person to anchor him, he thinks. Just as he is about to give up, he meets Eric of the Black Godz. Eric takes him in and offers him a place to stay while he figures out his situation. He strips the boy of his possessions, telling him that all of it belonged to someone else. Derek is a new person, now. He is unsure at first, but the boy soon accepts Eric’s unconventional mentorship. He simply has to open his mind to trying new things or he will always remain the same sheltered person. He opens his mouth to suck a long black dildo. Then, he sits on Eric’s thick cock, getting his virgin asshole fucked raw for the first time in the house of the Black Godz. “This is real,” Derek thinks as he feels his hole stretch on Eric’s shaft. The pain is soon overcome by pleasure as he bounces up and down on the strong man’s thick rod. It makes him crave more as he feels the man’s cock slide deeper and deeper into his hole. And as he takes Eric’s cum in his ass, he is sure this is what he has been searching for.