It has been an educational experience for Derek from the moment he entered the House of the Black Godz. He has been stripped of the trappings of wealth he is so used to, and it has been somewhat of a rude awakening. The longer he lives under the guidance of the strong men, the more he realizes that many of his values growing up were highly warped and inapplicable to life in the real world. Even in college, he remained insulated and totally unaware of the hurdles that the average person has to contend with while making their way in the world. Now that he has spent time amongst the Black Godz and the rest of their young disciples, he has learned a thing or two about life amongst the people. He also has learned a lot about his own limitations. When he had his first sexual interaction with a man, he was unsure and hesitant, emanating timidity throughout the whole session. But now that he has experienced the intimate caress of a man, he realizes he has a long way to go in learning how to properly please a cock. As he hangs with his wrists handcuffed and suspended from the ceiling, he wonders if he will ever be able to live up to the corporal expectations placed on him by his mentors. Perhaps his sheltered upbringing didn’t only stunt his emotional and mental growth, but his physical capabilities as well. Perhaps he will never be able to fully give himself to another man’s will because of his inability to step outside of his rigid sense of self. But as he watches Devin slowly walks over to him, his fears dissipate. With the help of a man like this, he is capable of anything. Devin touches Derek’s body with extreme care and intention, sending waves of excitement through his young body. He has been waiting patiently for another chance to show the stern man exactly how much he cares and appreciates all his efforts. He wants to prove that he’s not just a rich kid who can’t get down and dirty when he needs to. There is nothing he wants more in this world than to tease the hot cum from Devin’s thick cock. He wants to provide pleasure because of how much has been provided to him. It is his turn to give back. Devin slips his girthy dick inside Derek’s tight hole, stroking slowly at first before he pounds the boy rough and hard. Derek moans, as he takes every inch of Devin’s monster cock. He finds himself closing in on orgasm as Devin’s cock stretches his ass. The boy closes his eyes and slows down his breathing, gyrating on the God’s cock while he pants seductively. Finally, the hung stud milks his cock, drenching his fat ass cheeks with creamy cum. It is evident from this encounter, that Derek is making significant progress during his sojourn with the Black Godz.